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Frequently Asked Questions About McNellies Passport - Our Free Loyalty Program

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  • Do I need to enter a credit card to open my Passport account?

    Yes. The Passport/Thanx app uses tokenization, (the same technology used by Apple/Android Pay and in airport check-in kiosks) to keep your identity and financial information safe, while sharing only the necessary information directly with your card company. You may still earn rewards for cash transactions.

  • How safe is my personal information in Passport/Thanx?

    SO SAFE! Neither McNellie’s Group nor the app developer, Thanx stores your credit card info or shares any data with third parties. Tokenization is employed to report transaction amounts directly from your card provider. However, you may receive some emails directly from us with regard to your account or active promotions.

  • How can I get credit for cash transactions?

    Paid in cash? No problem! There’s a feature within the app (under the “More” tab) that allows you to take a photo of your receipt, to be reviewed by a human on the other end. Note: Humans can take up to two business days to complete this task.

  • Will I get credit for all purchases of McNellie’s Group products/services?

    Almost! All food, beverage, and merchandise purchases made in a participating location earn progress. However, some less common purchases may not qualify, including online gift card/merchandise purchases, third-party delivery, online ticket sales (such as Beer U tickets via EventBrite) or catering orders. We’re working on ways to improve this process!

  • Can I redeem multiple rewards at once?

    Yes! We’re one big happy family and love to see rewards redeemed across brands!

  • Are all rewards redeemable at all locations?

    Not quite. Most are redeemable across brands, but occasionally, promotions are specific to one brand or location. Always read the fine print for more information, but don’t hesitate to ask a manager or email [email protected] for further clarification.

  • I’m having a technical issue not addressed here. What can I do?

    Technology isn’t always perfect and sometimes experiences hiccups and growth pains. If you’re encountering an issue, the odds are, we’re already working to fix it. But it won’t hurt to check here for more details or let [email protected] know!

  • My progress isn’t showing up on my app. What do I do?

    There are a few reasons your visits might not show up right away. Our recommended troubleshooting steps are as follows:

    • Confirm the payment method used is registered in your app.
    • Try refreshing your app by pulling down on the menu screen.
    • Did you pay with a gift card? Because the financial transaction technically occurs during the purchase of a gift card, progress is granted at that time, not during redemption.
    • Was your purchase through a third party service like Door Dash or EventBrite? If so, your payment was to the third party, meaning we don’t have a way to capture it. However, receipts from Door Dash may be submitted manually for 50% credit!
    • If steps 1-4 don’t work, please check out the Passport support page or email [email protected].

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