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McNellie’s Group is a restaurant and hospitality company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It has seventeen unique brands spread across twenty-four locations, four cities, and two states.

Mcnellie's Group

Meet Elliot Nelson

Elliot Nelson, the company’s founder and CEO, went to the University of Notre Dame for college. During his junior year he left South Bend to study abroad in Dublin, Ireland. While he was in Ireland he fell in love with the atmosphere and unique hospitality that he experienced every time he walked into classic Dublin pubs like Stag’s Head, Kehoe’s, Mulligan’s, Palace, and McDaid’s.

The Pub that Started it All

When he returned to his hometown of Tulsa after graduating from Notre Dame he searched for pub that felt like the ones he so fondly remembered from his time in Dublin. When he couldn’t find a pub that felt right, he decided to build one himself. It was a long process, but he eventually opened James E. McNellie’s Public House in March of 2004 in what had been a lonely and rather desolate corner of downtown Tulsa. Now, McNellie’s and the area around it are thriving. Plus, Elliot doesn’t need to go to Dublin anymore to enjoy a proper pint of Guinness.

Properties in Tulsa, Oklahoma City, and Little Rock.

Each year McNellie’s expands a little further from our home base in Tulsa. We currently have seventeen unique brands spread across twenty locations, four cities, and two states and that number is still growing.

Tulsa Properties

  • McNellie’s Downtown
  • McNellie’s South City
  • Maple Ridge Grocer
  • Mr. Kim’s
  • Red Light Chicken
  • Bar Serra
  • Jimmy’s Chophouse
  • Bishop Quigley
  • Howdy Burger
  • Fassler Hall
  • Dilly Diner
  • Yokozuna
  • The Tavern
  • Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge
  • Elgin Park

Oklahoma City Properties

  • McNellie’s OKC
  • Fassler Hall
  • Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge

Little Rock Properties

  • Fassler Hall
  • Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge
Our Endeavors Restaurants

Formed in 2004 The McNellie's Group owns and operates seventeen restaurant concepts and twenty-four locations throughout Oklahoma and Arkansas.