McNellie’s Group

Formed in 2009, The McNellie’s Group owns and operates a number of restaurants and bars throughout Oklahoma. The venture was started in 2004 by principal owner Elliot Nelson, with the opening of James E. McNellie’s Public House in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma.


Owner Elliot Nelson had originally planned on going to law school, but after interning with a law firm during a summer break from college, he found that he really didn’t like law, and instead turned his attention to a dream he had long held… to own an Irish pub. That dream became the first restaurant in his portfolio, James E. McNellie’s Public House. The first couple of years were tough for the startup restaurant, but once McNellie’s was on solid footing, Nelson began adding more businesses to his portfolio at a frenetic pace. Today, McNellie’s Group owns and operates a total of ten establishments in Oklahoma:

TULSA Properties

McNellie’s   ‐  El Guapo’s Cantina   ‐  Fassler Hall   ‐  Dilly Deli   ‐  Yokozuna   ‐  The Colony   ‐  The Tavern   ‐  Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge


McNellie’s   ‐  Fassler Hall   ‐  Dust Bowl Lanes & Lounge


Abner’s Ale House